Our projects

We provide a range of sports and activities including badminton, basketball, tennis, table tennis, football, wellbeing classes, nutritional advice, and guided walks

We use sport and physical activity as a way to engage people, and provide opportunities for better health and wellbeing, rather than for sport-related outcomes.

Our projects work with a wide range of communities, sharing common health and social aims in helping people to:

  • Develop self-confidence
  • Learn new skills
  • Reduce isolation and widen social networks
  • Improve physical health
  • Improve mental health and wellbeing
  • Support greater understanding and cohesion amongst communities
  • Live fuller, happier, and healthier lives!

Our current and most recent projects are below. Individual sessions are usually for 2-3 hours per week. Some are targeted at specific communities, including

  • The LGBT+ community
  • Young people (12-18 year olds)
  • University students (18-25 year olds)
  • Seniors (60+)
  • Women / girls only
  • The Filipino community

We always strive to create an inclusive and welcoming environment, no matter each person's background.

If you would like more information about any of the project please feel free to contact us.

For the LGBTQ+ Community

For the Filipino Community

For Older People (60+)

For Young People (12-18)

For Students (18-25)

All of our work is made possible through the brilliant support of our funders and donors. For more information, please see our Funders and Supporters page.